TORREBLANCA EN BICI, is a leisure and tourism proposal with a sport and environmental character which intends to show the rich and varied heritage of Torreblanca and its surroundings as well as inviting its neighbours and visitors to enjoy it.

It does it by means of 50 km in routes which discover its most attractive landscapes, a land where the Mediterranean essence survives in the traditional crops which we can see not far from the beaches: olive, almond and above all orange trees, the tree par excellence whose flower the whole coast of Castellón is named after.

We eagerly suggest you knowing this land by bike, by means of a sporty activity which consists of going through signalled tracks either individually, with your family or in groups.

You will be able to know its tracks, paths and lanes, you will greet the farmer who works the land and you will discover buildings which will show you the everyday activities of the inhabitants: watchtowers, fortified churches, waterwheels…

The respect to the tasks fulfilled is the best way for the locals to treat you as a friend. You will learn the names given to the different areas, “the names of the land”, and you will see crosses and symbols which deal with devotion, legends such as “The Custody of Torreblanca” and other local tales.

This close contact with the land will make you remember it forever.

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